Vier Nágueba

Lyrics (letras)

(Vier Nágueba)
I want to drive to Soul City.
Take harmonious highways to music,
drive me to the perfect melody
and stop in any loud and new hotel.

I will burn rubber in my new white suit,
I´ll put the pedal to the metal till I reach the sky,
to float between stormy clouds that drop notes like rain
and rhythmic lightning that emulates them.

I want to travel to Soul City
to create images of perfect sound,
to sing with overwhelming feeling,
to recover forgotten lyrics.
(I want to drive, I want to drive to Soul City.)

No slow cars will stop me,
no blinding lights will distract me.
Not any co-pilot misleading my dreams.
We travel, you and I, to Soul City.


(Vier Nágueba)

Never thought that I could realize
how many times we can die.
There´s a kind of consolation
when you know that it´s a cycle.
Where you live a lot of lives
until you get perfect.

One day we die,
one day we fly.
One day we can die,
one day we can fly.

It´s all about energy,
all about perfection.
We are part of nature.
We die to reborn again and again.
another life, other dreams, pain,
love and happiness
Again and again,
over and over, again and again,
over and over, yeah…